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What Are We About?

We're creating the best in interactive entertainment by making games that change the way you think about Scripture.


Eden's Conflict is a strategy card game that transforms the abstract concept of spiritual warfare into a step-by-step learning experience applicable to one's spiritual journey.


Immerse yourself in the rich narratives of biblical figures and delve into exciting spiritual warfare through our unique strategy card game. Eden's Conflict is more than a game—it's a captivating journey that combines strategy, fun, and biblically-based learning. Designed for engaging gameplay that brings scripture to life.


What We Are About


Our journey has been a testament to perseverance and faith. The development of Eden's Conflict spanned over six years, culminating in a strategy card game that brings scripture to life in a fresh and exciting way. Since our public launch, we've delighted in the positive response from our growing customer base, and look forward to reaching even more households in the future.


At Eden's Conflict, we believe in the power of imagination as a tool for spiritual exploration. Our game isn't just about winning or losing—it's about embarking on a unique journey that stirs curiosity and deepens understanding of the Bible. We aim to inspire players not only to engage with the game, but also to share their faith in new and creative ways.


We are more than a game company; we're a community brought together by a shared love for the Word of God. Eden's Conflict aims to foster connections, provoke conversations, and reinforce shared values through our engaging and strategic gameplay. We are excited to continue building a brand that resonates with and unites believers around the globe.


To craft experiences that spark a lifelong journey of faith, fellowship, and discovery.

Meet the Founder

Jai - (Justin A Inostroza)


For the past six years, I've dedicated myself to crafting a game that faithfully represents the struggle between good and evil. The fruit of this labor is Eden's Conflict, born out of extensive study and countless hours of trial and error.
The unfortunate truth is that scripture study often doesn't top the list of 'fun activities' for most young people. But after leaving the church in my own youth, I found that the world had no shortage of games and stories teaching an array of concepts and "moral" lessons. 

Being an avid gamer myself, it struck me that there were few good games drawing from biblical lore and imagery. Eden's Conflict is my attempt to encapsulate the essence of the deeper  lessons about spiritual warfare into a game, encouraging players to consider the greater battle for souls happening all around us.

My mission is simple: steer the players' minds towards scripture and allow the Spirit to do the rest. Just as scripture empowered the people to end the Dark Ages, only scripture can illuminate the darkness within our hearts.

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