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Prepare Yourself For Battle

Because not every fight is against flesh and blood.

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Eden's Conflict 

2-6 Player Card Game

Ages 14+
30 - 60 Play Time

A One-of-a-Kind Game With Endless Scriptural Excitement.

Embark on a thrilling journey of strategy and faith with "Eden's Conflict," an immersive, team-based card game steeped in biblical scripture. Outsmart the tempter, fortify your defenses, and utilize powerful 'Grace Cards' to navigate the spiritual battlefield. This isn't merely a trivia game, it's an engaging exploration of life's real challenges wrapped in endless hours of tactical gameplay. Ready your spirit for a profound encounter, where your strategic skills meet divine wisdom. Do you have what it takes to withstand temptation and achieve victory? Enter the realm of "Eden's Conflict," and let the enlightening battle begin.

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Click the links or the icon to see a short video explaining each aspect of the rules. 


Quick start guide to part 1 of 2 to help you get started playing the game. 


Hourglass game difficulty progression explained by number of cards found.


Quick start part 2 of 2 a summery guide to endings and scoring. 


Drawing temptations, being attacked and how the community sin works.


Drawing cards, playing cards on your battlefield and advanced actions you can make. 


Game ending scenarios, and how to count up your points. 

Game Rule Updates 

In the spirit of our mission to craft experiences that spark a lifelong journey of faith and discovery, we've taken your invaluable feedback to heart. Our team has been diligently working to refine the gameplay mechanics, ensuring that Eden's Conflict not only challenges but also enriches your game play experience.


Free Actions: Grace Cards 

Allow the player to preform one of two additional actions on their turn. These actions can only be played when you are the one rolling the dice, not during the turn of another player. 


Escalating Temptation: Lust

While on the battlefield, this card increases the power of all other temptation cards by 5 points.
During Scoring: Update 

As a passive ability, this card gains an additional 5 points for each temptation still remaining on your battlefield at the end of the game.


Hourglass: Third Phase

During the third hourglass phase, temptations avoid battle if an open slot remains in your armor. Instead, they move to occupy any open slots on the bottom row of your battlefield until the end of your next role.


New Game Ending Scenarios 

You win if your team ends the game with a positive score. The game ends when you find all the hourglass cards or there is no more room for new temptations.
You can end the game when all player's preform either of the following. 
1) Fill out your battlefield armory, this does not mean all cards have to be merged together, they just need to be occupied by 6 promise cards. 
2) You have completed your bonus objective on your character card.

Screenshots & Card Description 


The Great Awakening


 Own It - Played It 

Intriguing, new take on Christian board games! I have never played a game like this, where everyone works as a team to beat the game! This is truly original and unique. It’s engaging, suspenseful, and educational. A fun way to learn Bible verses that we can apply to the battles in our own lives. I highly recommend this game!

Vision of the Prophet


 Own It - Played It 

It's such a unique way to learn Bible verses while still having fun and encouraging the collaborative teamwork aspect that is not often seen in games. I have played this numerous times with friends and we always have fun trying to win together. You don't have to have previous knowledge of the Bible to play it, which makes it playable for everyone. I have started to recognize some Bible verses now just from the process of trying to memorize them during the game! Props to the creator for the idea and for incorporating a different kind of fun Bible game.

The Martyrs Faith


Played It

Eden's Conflict is a truly unique and enriching experience. The way it combines deep strategic gameplay with a spiritual journey is something I've not seen before. It's a fantastic way to engage young people in understanding the Bible and spiritual warfare.

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A New Way to Learn Scripture as You and Your Friends Overcome the Tempter of Souls

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