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Eden's Conflict 

Card Game - Ages 14+

A One-of-a-Kind Game With Endless Scriptural Excitement.

Embark on a thrilling journey of strategy and faith with "Eden's Conflict," an immersive, team-based card game steeped in biblical scripture. Outsmart the tempter, fortify your defenses, and utilize powerful 'Grace Cards' to navigate the spiritual battlefield. This isn't merely a trivia game, it's an engaging exploration of life's real challenges wrapped in endless hours of tactical gameplay. Ready your spirit for a profound encounter, where your strategic skills meet divine wisdom. Do you have what it takes to withstand temptation and achieve victory? Enter the realm of "Eden's Conflict," and let the enlightening battle begin.





 Own It - Played It 

Intriguing, new take on Christian board games! I have never played a game like this, where everyone works as a team to beat the game! This is truly original and unique. It’s engaging, suspenseful, and educational. A fun way to learn Bible verses that we can apply to the battles in our own lives. I highly recommend this game!



 Own It - Played It 

It's such a unique way to learn Bible verses while still having fun and encouraging the collaborative teamwork aspect that is not often seen in games. I have played this numerous times with friends and we always have fun trying to win together. You don't have to have previous knowledge of the Bible to play it, which makes it playable for everyone. I have started to recognize some Bible verses now just from the process of trying to memorize them during the game! Props to the creator for the idea and for incorporating a different kind of fun Bible game.



Played It

Eden's Conflict is a truly unique and enriching experience. The way it combines deep strategic gameplay with a spiritual journey is something I've not seen before. It's a fantastic way to engage young people in understanding the Bible and spiritual warfare.


A New Way to Learn Scripture as You and Your Friends Overcome the Tempter of Souls

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