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Finding Light in the Midst of Spiritual Darkness: The Testimony of Jai Roza

Have you ever held a conversation with someone who had been on the brink of giving up on life? What if this included dealing with spiritual experiences rather than ordinary life struggles and adversities? In this week's episode on Eden's Conflict, we explore an insightful conversation that reveals the spiritual journey of Jai Roza, creator and founder of Eden's Conflict LLC and Eden's Conflict the card game. As a second-generation Adventist, Jai explains some of the conscious choices that led him into the depths of literal spiritual darkness and the moments God used to bring him back to the light of His presence.

Early Life and Spiritual Struggles

Born and raised in a devout Christian family and community, Jai had a fairly conservative upbringing and was regularly involved in church services and social events. However, despite the external appearance of a well-rounded and devout young man, there remained a dark secret in his life that even his own family didn't know about. Having been molested at the age of eight, Jai inwardly struggles with the growing emotional turmoil that comes with such an event.

This experience would eventually cause him to develop a hidden, secret life of sexual addiction while also exploring spirituality outside of his Adventist upbringing. Inevitably, the struggle only caused greater resentment toward God, taking him further down a path toward full-blown spiritualism. As a teenager, Jai discovered he had a unique 'gift' while practicing eastern meditation, which he first learned about through entertainment based on its philosophy and practices. He could not only hear but also communicate with some type of spiritual entity from outside our world. It wasn't until after submitting himself to be a vessel for these "voices" that he started experiencing the torment of their hauntings whenever he disobeyed their commands. Initially, these entities presented offerings of instructions and supernatural powers, but even more, they offered purpose in a seemingly meaningless existence. But as they infiltrated more of Jai's daily life, they also began claiming more of himself as their own, slowly driving him further into a state of deep-seated fear and depression.

Searching for Power and Truth

This spiritual shift in Jai's life began to move him further away from the Christian doctrine, yet there still remained an ever-deepening desire to find the meaning of 'truth'. And while this search initially led him down a rabbit hole into martial arts and eventually eastern spirituality, it would later become a key aspect of his returning to the peace and security of his childhood faith. In the meantime, he continued to lead two separate lives, one projecting an air of stability within the church community and the other secretly suffering from dark spiritual forces, addiction, and depression. Yet even in this, God had not abandoned him, and an event was about to unfold that would change the direction of his life forever.

The Turning Point

In what should have been his senior year of high school, Jai found himself at the end of his limits, facing one of his darkest moments ever. Fully prepared to follow through with the choice of suicide, a 'new' spiritual light broke through the ever-present darkness in the form of an unexpected phone call. A childhood friend, whom he hadn't seen in years, reached out on the prompting of a conviction after leaving their Bible study late that evening. That phone call and the prayer that was said over it, marked a critical turning point in Jai's spiritual journey. And, while still following the teachings gained through his meditative experiences, Jai began to see the Bible emanate a soft 'glow', a sign from the divine hinting at the powerful conduit to be found within its pages. And as a means to connect with a Holy Spiritual entity whose origins he could not yet fathom.

This interaction triggered an inexplicable shift in Jai's understanding of the existence of God and the meaning of life and faith. It would also reignite that old burning question to find the meaning of 'truth'. With the destructive cycle of depression and fear no longer the only powers at play within his world, Jai would now intentionally seek truth in a way he had not previously done, and gradually he would come to understand that the light of spiritual power and wisdom are gifts to be channeled and passed on, not prizes to be obtained and held onto.

The Journey Towards Freedom

For Jai, that late-night phone call was only the start of a 14-year journey before he would see that divine 'glow' once more. Yet now his daily life was no longer about merely closing the doors to spiritual darkness but rather learning to open himself to the light of God's word in response to its intentional pursuit of him. This involved an active seeking of truth coupled with a consistent resolve to reorient himself when he would often lose track of it. Using his own testimony and life experience as a template along the way, Jai eventually began development on the game that would become the Eden's Conflict we know today. The discovery of intentional faith and the power of choice offered a beacon of hope when facing challenges that came as a result of his past spiritual encounters, but armed with a truth above all others, Jai eventually learned the meaning of relying on a divine power far greater than himself.

Becoming a Conduit for Spiritual Transformation

Today, Jai promotes and teaches the same spiritual truths and insights that led him out of the darkness and into the love of Christ through his innovative card game, Eden’s Conflict, allowing young people to practically understand and navigate spiritual warfare without having to put their own souls on the line. The game creates an environment for individuals to exercise their faith with intentionality, rationalize their decisions, practice teamwork, and, most importantly, build trust in God's word to help them through their daily faith challenges.


Jai's story serves as a powerful reminder that the journey of faith is not devoid of struggles. But through the intentional pursuit of truth, divine powers beyond our imagination will ignite a transformational experience focused on God's grace and love. His testimony resonates with people who may be wrestling with spiritual darkness, be it otherworldly or commonplace, opening up avenues of conversation around spiritual health, mental wellbeing, and, above all, the advantages of being intentional with our faith.

“While you may often fall unintentionally, you can never rise without it." Jai's message motivates those of us who want to see God's truth uplifted in our generation, and it invites us to find the wisdom of the divine word for every spiritual crossroad we may have to face along the way.

Indeed, knowing the truth and living by it is not an escape from life’s troubling questions, unanswered prayers, failed attempts, or personal struggles. Rather, it offers a beacon of light that guides us through the darkest tunnels, reminding us that there is power in standing firm in our faith and seeking The Truth intentionally.


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